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Програмы для смартов на платформе UIQ 3.0 - Страница 153 - Форум портала
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Програмы для смартов на платформе UIQ 3.0
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hi Sir
We've net base
mass emailing program created in
Department of transportation

A lot of significant request attributes
1. Several subject By way of turn ( you can use Numerous subject Using turning function every mail go by different subject )
2. Several form ids Through rotator
3. Variable name Using rotator
4. Several reply id rotation
5. Variable bounce ( return path ) rotator
6. You can host Unsubscribe, Report Spam , and read report to any other server ( website )
7. Variable Unsubscribe, Report Spam links By means of turning
8. Adjustable SMTP POOL
9. Multi smtp With rotation (Emails Per Cycle )
10. Help desk
11. With user and reseller Panel 100% white label
12. black list ip check API (you can check your all ips in one short)
And much more

Pertaining to demonstration you should postal mail myself or contact me 07838888080 Email:- smshesms @ gmail. com
We are also provide SMTP Server for bulk mailing ( mass mailing ) By using this hosting server you can send out 500,000 e-mails per day
In this server we provide :-
1. 1 server By means of 8 IP
2. Together Along with ip address rotator
3. By using SPF and DKIM
4. By way of delisting you ip and domain ( form blacklisting sites )
5. Utilizing log file ( in this you can filter you presented or unprovided email ids
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